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An Approach That Has Been Proven Helpful In Mastering A Level Economics

When an athlete runs in the 1000 meter race, he does not need to know how his body is burning the calories but he should know how fast he should go in order to maintain his stamina and still complete the race. It shows that sometimes it is important to have the knowledge of applying the concept rather than knowing how the concept actually works. The same technique needs to be applied by students while doing their revision for exams. Use Mr. Koh’s parachute concept which says that it is important to understand the main points and not the narrative. The economic tutor says that in order to cover the demand and supply topic, you should cover the explanation of the impact on a market, producer strategy and the intervention from the government. Do not focus your energy on D/S/PED/PES.

Chapter Mind Maps

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Now What

It is important to know that studying hard is a different thing than having the knowledge to use your study and knowledge to answer the questions in an exam and score good grades. This is a problem many students don’t know how to overcome.

Many students are confused about how much questions can be considered to answer the topic. Second, some students are also not sure if their approach is going to be proper or improper.

But the examiner knows about this weakness in students and he uses this look for students who explain the concept with different statements and sentences. In this way, he can easily assess the knowledge and depth a student’s answer.

To solve this problem, you must try to answer the topic from a different point of view but keep the concept on the same track. In this way, any topic with a broad data can be covered and you can relate your answer to it accordingly.

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