The benefits of studying in the United States

The number of students studying in the United States has increased continuously in recent years, and has a great relationship with the advanced education system and educational resources of the United States. The eager application of a large number of students has led to a gradual increase in competitive pressure. No one can say that they can apply for success, so many people will entrust a study agent to increase the success rate of the application. There are many American study agents (also known as 美国留学中介), but the level is different. You can refer to the study abroad agency evaluation (also known as 留学中介测评) article to choose the appropriate study agent. What are the benefits of studying in the United States?

First, flexible and effective credit system. Higher education institutions in the United States have a credit system that allows students to graduate and earn a degree as long as they complete the required courses and the required credits. Therefore, after careful planning and implementation, it is entirely possible for a student to complete an undergraduate course within three years or a master’s course within one year; or a minor or minor degree or three degrees at the same time, without spending two Up to three times the time and cost.

Second, free and open professional choice. In order to give students sufficient time to consider their interests and future development, many schools in the United States do not require students in the first and second grades to choose a clear professional direction. In addition to some special requirements, the basics of the first and second grades are basic. The above is set for all students. In the third and fourth grades, choose your major. Some students choose a major and want to change it. They can also apply and re-select at any time. In addition, when applying for a postgraduate degree, students can choose a different major from their undergraduate degree according to their actual situation.

Third, get a better career development space.The United States has a positive immigration policy that provides each international student with a path to stay in the United States. However, it is difficult to apply for immigration. The green card schedule (also known as 绿卡排期) is very long. It can be entrusted to the immigration law firm to help apply. There are many immigration law firms, such as Green Card Legal and NYIS Law Firm (also known as纽约小纽律师事务所). You can also refer to the immigration law firm’s evaluation (also known as 移民律所测评) articles to distinguish the law firm’s quality.After completing your studies in the United States, you can choose to work or continue your studies. For the former, it is difficult for students who are generally educated outside the United States to obtain employment opportunities in the United States, while foreign students in the United States can enjoy the same opportunities as American students. If you choose to continue your studies, international students who graduate from American universities, whether they are based in the study abroad stage or in the United States, are far more conducive to students who apply directly from overseas, occupying universities when competing for outstanding universities. At this time, you can apply for h1b visa to maintain legal status. After successful application, you can also renew h1b (also known as h1b续签) after three years.