Tips & Tricks to Have a Productive Group Discussion

There is no denying the fact that students work hard during their college life so that they can earn a substantial amount of money in the future. Ultimately, the main aim is to get a job as per the inherent skills. But chances of landing your dream job get difficult as there is a lot of competition for every job and companies will not really request you to join on a whim. Therefore, you must know there are many rounds one must need to pass in order to land a job. You need to prepare well for the exam and check your ability to know whether you are ready for the job on offer or not. Apart from the face to face interview, some of the companies also hold ‘Group Discussions’ to check a candidate on various aspects – teamwork, leadership, confidence, etc.

Here’s a checklist of tips you need to remember to have a productive group discussion –

Prepare yourself: Even before you meet the group, it is important that you prepare yourself for the discussion. It doesn’t make any sense to arrive for a discussion without preparing any mental notes on a mock topic. Do research online, read about the latest news – general and corporate – to keep you updated.

Learn to listen: Prepare yourself for the group discussion by learning how to listen to others. Many people do not know but listening is an art – and it can help avoid repetition of points in a group discussion. Before the start of a discussion, everyone should state their version or interpretation of the topic. If you misinterpret or don’t listen to other people’s interpretation of the topic, then it can lead to a lot of confusion in the group discussion.

Know your audience: Knowing about your group dynamics can go a long way in setting the right tone for the group discussion. This is because some personalities can really mesh well with others while some may clash. If you understand the group dynamics better, then it’d be easier for you to overcome bottlenecks, despite them having different personalities.

Give everyone a chance to speak: As a member of the group, you must remember that sharing opinions and facts are two different things and that being respectful of others’ opinions matters a lot in a group discussion. This is because it is a natural tendency for people to get offended if others’ views do not match with theirs. A productive group discussion requires mutual respect for everyone, even in disagreements. So, taken notes and counter any disagreement with facts which would help others understand your view as well. Notes can come in handy in situations where you have to present a well-rounded argument or analysis of a situation. They can also help you stay on topic so that the group discussion is as productive as possible. Maintain the position with which you are the most comfortable with and stick to it with clear thoughts and do not get swayed by other group members. This will bring forth your confidence and critical skills.

Take initiative: There could be a situation where people are just contemplating, and no one is ready to jump into the topic of discussion. Taking initiation in such a situation can improve the performance in group discussions. This is also important to take the discussion forward. So, even if it is just requesting everyone to start sharing their opinion, or setting the basic rules of discussions, do not feel shy.  This will bring forth your ability to getting a job done where you can really flex your leadership muscles.

There are many jobs in Mumbai or Hyderabad, or Pune which may require you to be a part of a group discussion. So, prepare well in advance and get the job of your dreams.